Created to keep high streets thriving and diverse

A new opportunity

We created Cloudshelf in early 2021. We saw a new opportunity arising from changes in behaviour during the Covid-19 Pandemic.Local retailers had become community heroes for the quality of service they rendered while they were open; and when the pandemic forced them to close, many became overnight eCommerce experts – in some cases they were so successful they actually increased their revenues during the pandemic.

Delivering immediate value to retailers

Cloudshelf helps them take advantage of their new eCommerce expertise and solution to bring it into their stores, as a way of ensuring that they no longer lose customers who couldn’t find the product they were looking for, or the sales assistant to help them.

Ambitious roadmap

We see this as the first stepping stone for In-store eCommerce. We will work on increasing sales through machine learning with optimised sales journeys; we will increase margins by connecting directly to suppliers to facilitate physical drop shipping; we will help create new business models for retailers by making it easy for them to invite brands directly into their stores through digital pop-ups.

Young Woman Using Tablet in Flower Shop
Securing a thriving high street

There are so many ways that this approach will help transform the economics of independent retailers, that we expect to see our high streets flourish with rich and diverse offerings.

Cloudshelf opportunity (and investor intro)

Dedicated team, growing fast

Giles Corbett - CEO, Co-Founder
Ashley Williams - Senior Engineer
Julian Forrester - Senior Engineer
Gary Smith - Engineer
Ksenia Ignateva - Product Design
Jason Privat - Retail Partnerships
Sofia Rafiq - Customer Success


Julian Corbett - Chairman, co-founder
Giles Corbett - CEO, Co-Founder
Pierre Lever - NED
Phil Marsden - Angel Investor Rep