Hello World

We are social beings.  The pandemic has reminded us of the value of human contact.  It has also shown us once more the value of local stores as we have been unable to commute to city centres.  But while finding a local expert is rewarding, it can become frustrating if they don’t reference the product you want, you can’t see it, there is no one in the store with any knowledge of it… basically all the problems you don’t get so much when shopping online.


Well this is what cloudshelf does.  We bring the power of online in-store, creating a new space, we call in-store eCommerce.  We hope to help save hundreds of thousands of retailers, by ensuring that while they do what they do best, we help them ensure that the experience they deliver to their customers is never less good than what they would have found online.


Our first version of cloudshelf is developed on the back of our experience of millions of shopper engagement.  It will go live in April. 


And at that point, we hope to be doing our bit to start saving independent and scale-up stores, one store at a time.