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Just yesterday... and yet we seem to have done so much.

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Retailers report that Cloudshelf makes a real difference to their business as it helps them close many sales they fear they would otherwise have lost

We created Cloudshelf in early 2021 as a result of the pandemic. For the first time, we had hard data to prove that the shift online was not inexorable and that many customers would return to stores given the opportunity. Hybrid working, we bet, would further boost local (often independent) retail.

Delivering immediate value to retailers

Cloudshelf helps all retailers, from the smallest independent store, the DTC brand exploring pop-ups and scale up retailers to bring the wealth of digital assets they use online to enhance their in-store experience - helping them promote and show the customer the product they are looking for.

Ambitious roadmap

Our foundation is our ability to ingest and analyse vast quantities of product data, turning this into outstanding in-store digital experiences. Our current foray around visual merchandising (both interactive and display) is just the first step on an ambitious roadmap.

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Securing a thriving diverse high street

Our AI supports automation that means that we can afford to onboard even the most fledgling of entrepreneurial vibrant retailers. They in turn will be able to develop their diverse offerings to their local high streets, enriching communities in the process.

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