Accessible In-Store eCommerce

Easy to use, no effort to maintain. Cloudshelf's no-code AI platform analyses the assets you have added to your website to automatically create in-store digital experiences.

You can find out more about the technology behind Cloudshelf here >

Enhanced Visual Merchandising

Kiosks for each area of your store and range. Create separate displays for, say, shoes, jeans and jewellery - each with their own focus, call to action and promotions.  

Effortless integration

Real-time data from your Shopify website means changes to your website products, pricing and stock are instantly reflected on your Cloudshelves.  Manage how they appear in a few clicks.

Runs on any screen

Cloudshelf can run on just about any screen with a browser.

But if you do need to get new screens, we have a list of qualified partners that specialise in supplying, installing and maintaining in-store displays

Cloudshelf device specialists

Track sales

You need to know where your sales come from, so Cloudshelf tracks interactions and sales on each of your displays back to the store they came from

Interactive Mode

Cloudshelf for kiosks to help customers find, choose and buy the product they want

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Two shoppers using Cloudshelf to select a pair of denim trousers
Easy and secure payments

Shoppers pay in one click securely from their own phone via your existing online payment solution.

Instant navigation, even with poor network

Real world ready.  Millisecond access and search results, even when wifi is poor or store networks are down

Access entire range from each Cloudshelf

Even when promoting a particular range, each Cloudshelf can give shoppers and staff access to any of your products.

Display Mode

Cloudshelf for big screens to  attract shoppers to your store

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Close-up of a high resolution window display with Cloudshelf Display Mode highlighting a product with a direct linking QR code
Always up-to-date digital signage with no effort

Our AI can pick out the best images from our website - so your display can update frequently without you needing to do any manual work.

Sell even when your store is closed

Dynamic QR Codes on each product allow passers by to shop products they have seen, even when your store is closed.

Loop in your brand videos and promotions

Cloudshelf Display can integrate any branded video or messaging you may have