Sell more to happier customers

Cloudshelf boosts your Shopify website to deliver more sales in your retail stores

Cloudshelf re-invents endless aisle to help independent & scale-up retailers bring the best of online in-store

How to use In-store eCommerce to sell more & stock less

Cloudshelf connects into your existing eCommerce solution to help you achieve sales in your store that you would otherwise lose

Product discovery

Help customers choose among complex ranges​
With Cloudshelf, your customers can quickly filter by pricing, types of product, and see a shortlist of products that fit with their need.

Extend ranges

Make sure customers can find the variant they want
With Cloudshelf, your customers can always buy the size or colour they need, even if you don't have it in-store

Extend offering

Sell complementary offerings that you don't stock
With Cloudshelf, grow your sales by experimenting with high value or large items that complement your core activity

Extend locations

Set up digital pop-ups in areas you have no store
With Cloudshelf, start selling in physical places you don't yet have a store, or encourage partner brands to take a digital corner in your store

Cloudshelf is optimised for in-store sales journey

Cloudshelf operates on any touch-screen you have in-store, from a behind the-till iPad to a stand-alone large screen.

In-store solutions
Boost your Success

Stop losing sales because your customers can’t find what they came in looking for, and create happier customers in the process

0 x RoI

We are looking for the people who will make this happen​


2 options:

You can get a floor standing large screen – more attractive for customers – and place it at the entrance of your store or other visible places.

Or you can run Couldshelf on your iPad, so that you can use it to help customers choose a product that you may not have in store.

It is done automatically.  If you are already using Shopify (and soon other eCommerce site), you can seamlessly integrate to Couldshelf with a few clicks to setup. Select the collections you wish to see in your Cloudshelf and launch. The whole process will just take you a few minutes.

You can create as many Cloudshelves as you want for your stores.  It makes sense to have a few ranges on your Cloudshelf, rather than your entire website, and to locate the screen near the relevant area of the store.

For instance, a fashion store may have a Jeans cloudshelf near the jeans area; and a Suits cloudshelf near that area.  In this way the displays double up as beautiful digital signage.


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