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Benefits of imageHOLDERS kiosk solution for retail:

Together, with imageHOLDERS we provide retailers with an All-in-one, customer POS kiosk solution for brick and mortar stores. Create as many digital experiences for your stores, on-the-fly in a cost efficient and timely manner without having to spend months on building your own bespoke solution. We can support you in rolling-out multiple kiosk displays into your stores in days, not months! Tailor your kiosks to display the correct call-to-action messaging and your branding, to increase customer engagement through self serve digital screens.

Cloudshelf enables retailers to introduce Endless Aisle experiences to their retail stores, to help drive sales and increase brand awareness by providing customers with the ability to shop their entire product ranges through stunning digital displays. You no longer have to worry about dissatisfied customers who end up leaving stores' because they simply couldn't find what they were looking for due to their desired product/s being;

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