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Beyond Endless Aisle for retail

Discover great use cases for brands and retailers to introduce self-serve kiosks into physical locations.
July 17, 2023
Sofia Rafiq
Beyond Endless Aisle for retail

Over the past 18 months, we've had the privilege of exploring a range of fascinating use cases, expanding our offerings beyond Endless Aisle to cater to diverse businesses and their unique needs.

We've engaged with several retailers and businesses keen on introducing digital kiosks to their physical locations, serving as dynamic platforms to promote and sell their products, services, and experiences. Here are some of the use cases we are currently exploring to provide brands with the ability to create engaging digital experiences that drive sales in their physical spaces.

Customisation through self-serve kiosks

For retailers across all industries, providing customers with the opportunity to become the 'designers' of their purchased products has become a popular and essential part of the customer experience. Shoppers today crave options and love the ability to personalise products.

To enable retailers to effortlessly introduce in-store customisation and personalisation through interactive digital experiences on screen, Cloudshelf has integrated with customisation apps like Product Options & Customizer. This allows retailers to create self-serve kiosks in-store that can then free up sales staff’s time so they can work on other areas within the store. 

Customers can easily browse through their desired products, design and personalise items according to their preferences before placing their orders. They can then choose to have their purchases delivered to their doorstep or collect them from the store. 

By offering this All-in-One service in-store, brands eliminate the need to redirect customers to their website at a later time, ensuring a seamless shopping journey that boosts customer satisfaction while driving in-store sales - and reducing the loss of a sale. 

Example of Cloudshelf with customiser feature
Example of our retailer's Cloudshelf at Koko Art - selling custom shoes and clothing

In addition to increasing customer satisfaction, our platform allows brands to track sales back to the originating store and even the sales associate who assisted with the purchase, providing valuable data to optimise offerings and enhance customer service.

An example of customisation in-store using Cloudshelf is our collaboration with Blue Almonds, a reputable furniture and clothing boutique located on Walton Street in London. Utilising their displays in-store, Blue Almonds proudly showcases their delightful range of children’s furniture, which customers can easily personalise on-screen. 

This interactive approach not only streamlines the ordering process but also allows their staff to provide prompt and attentive assistance, delivering an even more personalised service and provides them with the ability to then upsell additional products, such as their exclusive clothing range, through their Cloudshelf Displays.

Photo of Blue Almonds storefront
Blue Almonds store on Walton Street, London

Shop and order large goods for home delivery

Recently, we have encountered a range of use cases that have emphasised the importance of offering shoppers a convenient delivery-to-home option, particularly for those that are travelling from overseas or prefer not to large / delicate goods.

There are many scenarios where customers prefer the ease of home delivery - however, traditional brick-and-mortar stores specialising in these types of products may not have an order and delivery service in-store. In addition to this, there are also other locations where customers often do not have this option and most of the time will leave without purchasing a product that otherwise they would have been happy to buy through an order and delivery option.

Examples of locations where there is a high demand for this:

  • Museum / Sports stadium / High street store locations - shoppers prefer not to handle large, delicate or heavy products, for example art prints or club merch.
  • Within Airport locations:
    。Travel limitations prevent carrying too much liquid, cream, and beauty products.           
    。Retail stores within airport locations: often limits shoppers to buying less than they would have preferred, due to      not having additional luggage available.

Cloudshelf seamlessly integrates online store delivery options into physical locations, empowering retailers to effortlessly offer in-store customers the choice to order and purchase products for delivery without any logistical blockers. By simplifying the management of these types of goods, we help retailers cater to diverse customer needs, delivering a memorable shopping journey with ease.

To find out more:

To enquire about how we can help you to create stunning digital experiences to extend your entire product ranges and showcase your products and services on digital screens, contact us on sales@cloudshelf.ai.

To find out more about these companies, visit:

Product Options & Customizer: https://apps.shopify.com/product-customizer

Blue Almonds: https://bluealmonds.co.uk/