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Booking feature for kiosks

Discover how our integration with Book That App can help retailers to extend their products and services within physical locations.
September 15, 2023
Sofia Rafiq
Booking feature for kiosks

Our newest third party integration with Book That App, means that retailers offering specific services that require scheduling a date to collect or book can now roll-out their Cloudshelves in any physical location - creating a user-friendly booking system to enhance the customer experience.

The concept is straightforward yet impactful: Retailers providing services with appointment scheduling or bookings can now expand their Cloudshelves to any location. This powerful combination of Book That App and Cloudshelf brings the convenience of online booking services, traditionally confined to their websites, directly to their physical stores. This allows retailers to diversify their product offerings and subtly enhance their sales potential.

Take, for instance our retailer at Nomades du Parc who are embracing this innovative approach. By strategically deploying digital kiosks across multiple visitor park locations, Nomades du Parc empowers its customers to effortlessly secure rental equipment bookings on-the-go, all within a matter of minutes. This eliminates the need for time-consuming queues or complex booking processes that might dampen the overall experience.

Integrating with third party apps allows us to open new doors for retailers to bring more of their online services to their stores and location. It signifies a shift away from the constraints of traditional retail settings, unveiling a canvas of fresh opportunities. By embracing this approach, retailers can strategically position their products and services in various physical locations, potentially leading to increased foot traffic, heightened brand visibility, and a more profound customer connection.

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