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Category Tile Modifier

Transform your in-store digital displays effortlessly with our Category Tile Modifier feature, enhancing customer engagement and simple but effective navigation on your Cloudshelf home screens.
May 8, 2024
Sofia Rafiq
Category Tile Modifier

Our Category Tile Modifier feature was designed to empower retailers and brands with enhanced customisation options for their Cloudshelf home screens. Whether you manage large screens requiring larger tiles for visibility or prefer a streamlined layout with fewer, prominent category tiles, it offers the flexibility to meet your store's unique needs. Accessible via the Cloudshelf app or Cloudshelf Manager, simply click into the theme you'd like to configure, and use the Tile Size Modifier field to adjust your category tile sizes to optimise the browsing experience for your customers. This feature allows retailers to adapt their digital displays in real-time, aligning with current marketing strategies and customer preferences.

Tile Size Modifier

Enhance your in-store kiosks by tailoring tile sizes to highlight key product categories, improving aesthetic appeal and customer engagement. Simplify browsing with optimised tile layouts that enhance usability and guide customers seamlessly through your digital storefront.

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