Cloudshelf recommended by Shopify staff

We were delighted to receive the email from Shopify to say that their staff had selected Cloudshelf to be featured in recognition of the quality of the team's work.
November 23, 2022
Giles Corbett
Cloudshelf recommended by Shopify staff

Among the sea of emails, some generate more of a reaction than others. When the team here at Cloudshelf got the email yesterday from the Shopify apps team to say that we had been selected to be featured in their "Spotlight" section, it was definitely one of those moments. It is truly rewarding to get this recognition  of all the amazing work we have put into creating an experience that  makes such a difference for independent and scale-up brands and retailers in their stores, in their pop-ups and at their events.

One of my happier emails

As it so happens, the email arrived as I was attending a London & Partners event where Deann Evans, Shopify Director for partnerships EMEA was explaining the importance of brick and mortar in Shopify's mission to drive the future of commerce.

Deann Evans at London & Partners event

While shoppers may at one point be in a store, or on a website -  no shopper journey is exclusively one of the other. Deann was emphasising the importance of using the store to create a better experience and especially among independents, a feeling of community, while leaving the logistics of payment and delivery to the digital background (to be fair, my words, not hers).

Well that is Cloudshelf. So the award felt even more timely.

I am now off for a bit of celebration.