Cloudshelf Releases Omnichannel API

Cloudshelf Releases Omnichannel API to Power In-store Retail Experiences
September 20, 2023
Cloudshelf Releases Omnichannel API

Paris Retail Week, France (September 19, 2023) – Cloudshelf, a leading provider of in-store digital solutions, today announced the release of its Omnichannel API. The API allows retailers to connect Cloudshelf to just about any Ecommerce, CMS, or ERP platform, giving them the flexibility to create a truly omnichannel retail experience.

The announcement was made by Ghislain Ulrich, CRO, in a joint presentation on the latest trends for in-store screens with Google’s Laurent Jacquet and David Keribin, the CEO of French Club Digital Media at the Paris Retail Week conference.

“We believe that every retailer should be able to create a seamless shopping experience for their customers, no matter where they are shopping,” said Giles Corbett, Founder and CEO of Cloudshelf. “With our Open API, retailers of all sizes can now connect Cloudshelf to their existing systems and data, making it easy to deliver product recommendations, inventory information, and checkout options to customers in-store.”

The Cloudshelf Open API is easy to use and can be integrated with any major Ecommerce platform, including Shopify, Salesforce, and Magento. The API supports a wide range of features, including:

  • Product search, discovery and customisation
  • Visual merchandising
  • Inventory and locations
  • Payments
  • Analytics

“As Retailers try to balance their Digital Transformation program with driving efficiencies and managing costs, this announcement from Cloudshelf is a game changer”, said Craig Francis, Digital Signage Partner Manager at Google ChromeOS. “With Omnichannel API capabilities, retailers at every level of the market have access to the professional, robust and secure Kiosk solution from Cloudshelf. In partnership with ChromeOS retailers can have peace of mind that Cloudshelf is always running reliably, securely and as efficiently as possible. Retailers can even reimagine and modernise older Kiosk devices by deploying Cloudshelf and ChromeOS Flex”

“We are excited to open up the power of Cloudshelf to a wider range of retailers,” said Ghislain Ulrich, CRO of Cloudshelf. “With our Open API, retailers of all sizes can now create engaging in-store experiences that drive sales and loyalty.”

Cloudshelf is a fast-growing SaaS company that has been rapidly expanding since its first public launch in September 2022. The company’s initial solution on Shopify has already been adopted by over 100 retailers in the UK, Europe, North America and the Middle East. With the release of its Open API, Cloudshelf is poised to become the go-to solution for retailers looking to create a truly omnichannel retail experience for their Brick-and-Mortar stores.

About Cloudshelf

Cloudshelf, present in London and Paris and at, stands at the forefront of in-store digital solutions. Leveraging interactive screens or kiosks, we supercharge retailers’ existing Ecommerce platforms, allowing stores to showcase their complete range, manage self-serve checkouts, and combine physical and virtual shopping journeys. Our platform is hardware-agnostic and is supported by the leading device brands. Our ultimate aim? To equip sales staff with the tools to curate engaging in-store experiences, enhancing both sales and customer loyalty.

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