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Enabling Wormland with Klarna x PayPal checkout in-stores

Discover how Wormland, a leading German fashion retailer, transformed in-store shopping with innovative tech and their bespoke Klarna x PayPal mobile checkout. Explore their journey to seamless, flexible payments.
June 13, 2024
Sofia Rafiq
Enabling Wormland with Klarna x PayPal checkout in-stores

Wormland, an innovative German Fashion retailer

Wormland is a renowned fashion retailer known for curating men’s high-end fashion labels, offering premium-quality garments, and showcasing exclusive designer collections. With 9 stores across Germany, each location offers a unique selection of articles, reflecting Wormland’s commitment to providing diverse, top-tier fashion experiences.

Their vision to provide customers with flexible payment options

Wormland had a clear vision to transform the retail experience for their customers by integrating innovative technology with exceptional service. Their primary objective was to enhance the shopping journey by offering unparalleled flexibility regarding payment options that they had available on their Shopify Ecommerce store, such as the integration of a Klarna x PayPal checkout.

They sought to create an environment where customers weren't confined to traditional payment methods, ensuring a seamless and convenient shopping experience regardless of how they chose to pay. This commitment stemmed from their belief in maximising customer convenience and accessibility, consistent with their high standards of service.

Aware of the challenges many retailers face in adopting advanced payment systems, Wormland proactively looked to overcome these barriers. They aimed to avoid the delays typically associated with integrating new payment technologies. To achieve this, they partnered with Cloudshelf and Shopify to create a unified, hassle-free shopping experience for customers through digital kiosks, empowering the customer to seamlessly complete their in-store transaction through Wormland's mobile checkout.

Cloudshelf leverage payment methods that already exist within Shopify

To support Wormland in realising their vision, we proposed our innovative Cloudshelf solution and guided them through unique use cases, including Endless Aisle, and mobile checkout features that could benefit their stores and help increase sales. Within days, Wormland had installed the Cloudshelf app to their Shopify store, allowing them to create and deploy digital experiences on their sales associates’ in-store iPads.

Using the Cloudshelf kiosks, staff were able to showcase Wormland’s entire product range on their interactive devices, providing customers with the opportunity to browse and purchase items directly. The mobile checkout process included payment options for PayPal and Klarna, offering a flexible and convenient shopping experience. This integration empowered Wormland to deliver an exceptional in-store shopping experience, reducing the likelihood of customer walk-outs due to a lack of flexible payment options and opting to shop online later instead.

Shoppers can't get enough of the new Klarna x Paypal checkout

Following the first phase roll-out of Cloudshelf in three of their stores in Germany, Wormland observed significant sales through their kiosks. They reported closing thousands of euros worth of sales through their custom Klarna x PayPal checkout, with customers responding enthusiastically to the flexible payment options and the ability to physically examine product articles before finalising transactions.

Mobile check out in-store is the foundation for an Endless Aisle experience

To date, the sales completed through the Cloudshelf kiosks account for a significant portion of Wormland’s total sales, highlighting the success of our collaboration. Looking ahead, Wormland plans to expand the use of Cloudshelf kiosks to support an Endless Aisle strategy, allowing customers to access Wormland’s complete catalogue and purchase articles directly from the screens, eliminating the need to visit another store or visit the website at a later time.

By enhancing in-store flexibility and delivering exceptional customer experiences, Cloudshelf has helped Wormland achieve a new level of retail excellence. We look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting their journey towards innovative omnichannel retail solutions.

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