EU Horizon awards Cloudshelf its Seal of Excellence

Horizon, the EU's R&D programme, conferred upon Cloudshelf its Seal of Excellence, the EU's quality label for first class projects worthy of funding.
January 5, 2023
EU Horizon awards Cloudshelf its Seal of Excellence

We ended the year on a high - On 15 December 2022, we received the European Commission's Seal of Excellence. This came just weeks after having been selected as a reference by Shopify staff, having received a top 5 place for most promising Shopify apps for 2023 from SSC.

This label is awarded to projects that the EU's R&D programme, Horizon, considers worthy of funding. The evaluation process took us through a detailed analysis of our proposition through multiple stages and juries, to explore the breakthrough nature of our innovation and the impact that it would likely have on EU regions and high streets.

To find out more about the EU's seal of excellence, check here: