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How In-Residence extended their range with Cloudshelf

Discover how lifestyle brand In-Residence introduced our Endless Aisle solution to extend their entire product range and offer a seamless shopping experience for customers.
February 21, 2023
Giles Corbett
How In-Residence extended their range with Cloudshelf

Jacqueline Bulmer is the founder of In-Residence ( a vibrant design and lifestyle store located in the heart of Camden Passage, Islington in North London. Started in 2015, her store spans two floors, offering customers a delightful range of unique, carefully curated products. It's not just a store, though - in the basement workshop, an in-residence jeweller creates bespoke pieces for customers, adding a touch of exclusivity to the shopping experience.

When the pandemic hit, Jacqueline had to think outside the box to keep her business thriving. She had just completed her Shopify site in 2019, and it proved to be a game-changer. With customers unable to visit her store in person, the website became the go-to place for them to browse and shop. Jacqueline found herself running a full-time "click and collect" service from the front of her locked-down store, keeping her business afloat.

But the lack of in-person product fairs presented a new challenge. How could Jacqueline discover new products and ideas to expand her product range? That's where came in. By sourcing products from independent brands through, Jacqueline was able to expand her product offering, providing her customers with a wider selection of unique and interesting items.

Photo inside lifestyle store In-Residence
Founder of In-Residence, Jacqueline Bulmer

How Cloudshelf helped In-Residence introduce in-store Ecommerce to their store

As the pandemic ended, customers started returning to the store, but Jacqueline faced a new challenge. She couldn't display the full range of products available on her website in-store. That's when she discovered Cloudshelf displays, a digital display platform that allows retailers to showcase extended product ranges in-store. Jacqueline implemented Cloudshelf in her Islington store, giving customers a better sense of the breadth and depth of products she offers through an Endless Aisle experience.

For example, Jacqueline has three key pendant lamp shades, each reflective of a designer's style on display in her physical store, and uses Cloudshelf to showcase a much larger selection of available hanging light shades, either sourced directly or via, even if they are not physically in the store. This allows her to show customers exactly the product they want and greatly reduces the likelihood of them leaving the store without making a purchase. 

Cloudshelf displays offer several advantages over traditional websites. The In-Store Ecommerce platform is built-for-purpose when it comes to showcasing products in-store, providing a speedy, reliable experience, even over slow internet connections. Customers can buy products without having to enter their confidential payment details, adding an extra layer of security. And the platform's unique look and feel reduce the temptation to leave the store with the (often not followed through) intent of checking the website later.

By connecting and Cloudshelf to her Shopify site, Jacqueline has created a seamless shopping experience for her customers, both online and in-store. Her innovative approach has enabled her to keep her business thriving, even during challenging times.

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