ISE Samsung Endless Aisle event

Discover our experience during Samsung's Endless Aisle Kiosk event at ISE
February 7, 2024
Sofia Rafiq
ISE Samsung Endless Aisle event

We're thrilled to share our experience after our recent participation in Samsung's Endless Aisle Reception event, which they hosted during ISE earlier this month. Samsung hosted the event at their fabulous booth at ISE and provided a welcoming space for attendees to explore a selection of innovative retail technology solutions.

CRO / COO of Cloudshelf, Ghislain Ulrich during the event

End-to-end Endless Aisle solution for retailers:

We were presented with a fantastic opportunity to be a part of this event along with Samsung, Intel, and ChromeOS. Samsung's Interactive Kiosk, in partnership with Intel, delivers cutting-edge device capabilities, ensuring a fast and interactive user experience for end-users. Meanwhile, ChromeOS's Flex system offers a stable, cloud-based operating system with a user-friendly Mobile Device Management solution, simplifying setup and management for clients.

At the heart of this collaboration, we had the opportunity to showcase our joint vision with Samsung and ChromeOS to create an end-to-end All-In-One solution for retailers, leveraging the power of Samsung's Interactive Kiosk, operating on ChromeOS's secure and efficient kiosk system, whilst running our Endless Aisle experience. We were also able to highlight our integration with Salesforce, enabling a seamless connection through retailers' Salesforce Ecommerce platform to access product content, by smoothly integrating data across our platforms.

Partnership with leading digital and Ecommerce experts:

During the event, each partner presented their role in the collaboration, followed by a live demonstration of the Endless Aisle solution which displayed on Samsung's Interactive Kiosk powered by Intel, running ChromeOS with Cloudshelf as the end-user solution, showcasing the ultimate omnichannel retail experience. It was a great chance for our CEO Giles Corbett to take to the stage where attendees witnessed first-hand the speed and efficiency of the Cloudshelf experience, which enables customers to browse, filter, add products to a basket, and seamlessly checkout using a QR code, eliminating the need for users to input sensitive data directly onto public screens.

Following the demonstration, we took the opportunity to engage with Samsung partners and integrators to discuss the myriad of retail use cases and how our joint solution could streamline deployment processes, making content and software maintenance more efficient and hassle-free for brands and retailers.

The event marked a significant milestone in our journey towards transforming the retail landscape, and we're excited about the endless possibilities that lie ahead as we continue to innovate and collaborate with industry leaders like Samsung.

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