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New pricing - putting our money where our mission is

Our new pricing model gives everyone the opportunity to try a first screen for free, which means that many small retailers will get Cloudshelf free for life.
October 31, 2022
Giles Corbett
New pricing - putting our money where our mission is

We have at last settled on our pricing....

Pricing principles

Our pricing is designed to encourage retailers to try out Cloudshelf, and get real benefit from it with no investment, and then fall in love with it and want more and more.

Our pricing says clearly that we believe that what we are doing is so good  that –if your business warrants it– you will definitely allocate more Cloudshleves to more screens (and pay us for that). But what it also says is that if you are a fledgling independent retailer, you can get the full power and benefit of Cloudshelf for free, for life - something we all feel very strongly about.

It does this by allowing retailers to allocate a first, fully featured cloudshelf to a screen for free, for ever.

The pitfalls we wanted to avoid

We have tried to steer clear of all the things we hate about many of the SaaS providers we try not to use.

  • no Hubspot style "you can only get this on annual plan" - you pay monthly, and we give you the monthly price we had planned for those who took annual commitments
  • no Atlassian "accelerated increase in pricing" - the more you get, the cheaper it gets per unit
  • no "free but only for a period that you will then forget to cancel" - what is free is free for life
  • no "get you hooked on features in the free period that are then only available on paid plans" - see above
  • no "once you expand you lose the benefit of the free promise" - and yes, also see above

The result

So a free screen for life, and a price per location, rather than per device, because our customers are thinking about the economics of each location, and we want to encourage them to take advantage of as many screens as possible.

Lastly we adjusted all pricing to the level we had previously set out for annual discounts - again another sign of confidence that people will use and continue using.

We will be building on this product-led-growth approach, to ensure that customers who have basic requirements are able to get the service for little or no money; while those who deriving great value from a sophisticated set of features - such as our ability to sell entire ranges through stockists and distributors pay us more accordingly.

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We love this positioning as it has allowed us to square the circle on how we support the retailers we care so much about, and yet create a model that will fuel the revenue growth that will make this business exciting. We're not naive, we know investors will always be pressures to increase revenues per customer - we just hope that if the product is good enough and creates enough value, we can do it without shenanigans.

We think we have found that balance.