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Our story with Goldfinger: Endless Aisle for events and pop-ups

Learn about our collaboration with lifestyle brand Goldfinger and how Cloudshelf helped them to introduce Endless Aisle to their showroom and at events.
June 18, 2023
Sofia Rafiq
Our story with Goldfinger: Endless Aisle for events and pop-ups

Goldfinger is a visionary lifestyle brand founded by design and sustainability pioneers Marie Cudennec Carlisle and Oliver Waddington-Ball. With a focus on crafting bespoke furniture and homeware that harmoniously blends artistry and environmental consciousness, Goldfinger sought to extend their product ranges and create immersive retail experiences. This case study unveils how our In-store Ecommerce solution revolutionised Goldfinger's showroom and elevated their product showcasing abilities at pop-ups and events as well as in their showroom located on Golborne Road in London. 

Enhancing showroom experiences with in-store kiosks

We began working with Goldfinger early last year as we supported them by introducing digital in-store through interactive customer facing POS. Goldfinger were able to effortlessly extend their entire Furniture & Lifestyle product ranges without overwhelming their physical showroom space. With the hard work they had put into their Shopify website to design a beautiful online store, their Cloudshelf Display instantly looked stunning whilst it presented their branding and imagery on screen. They were able to showcase their products on screen through a digital catalogue system, for shoppers to discover their furniture products that were currently not on display in their showroom. 

They were also able to use our Digital Signage solution when running their display as more of an advertising screen at events where passers-by were drawn in by a combination of promotional banners and product images.

Enriching pop-ups and events with Cloudshelf’s In-store Ecommerce solution

Goldfinger is a growing lifestyle brand and as they expand, part of their strategy involves increasing their physical presence through hosting pop-ups around the country and attending BtoB events within the luxury industry and they have recently become members of the Walpole community. They also support local businesses and partnered with lifestyle brand ISHKAR who had a small pop-up located within Goldfinger’s showroom, where they displayed a curated range of their Jewellery and Clothing items. 

Shortly after collaborating with Goldfinger we met with the team at ISHKAR who were also delighted at the idea of being able to display their full product ranges within pop-up spaces and they were also able to create a Cloudshelf Display which shoppers could browse and purchase products on to have delivered directly to their homes. ISHKAR have now also opened their first brick & mortar store located on Columbia Road in London and are planning to use their Cloudshelf to upsell their full product range of clothing and homeware to shoppers and we are delighted to support them with their future digital displays in-store and during pop-up events.

Ephemeral retail is a great way for brands to increase awareness and grow their customer base without having to sustain high rental costs. Having a physical presence is even more relevant today, as shoppers are still craving the need to shop in their local high streets and benefit from in-store experiences that retailers offer - which is not always available through online shopping.. Read more on retail specialist Ghalia Boustani’s article about the important factors that brands should think about when story telling through pop-up store -

A common challenge that retailers often encounter during pop-ups and events, is the limitation of displaying their full product ranges, often due to having a small amount of space. 

This was also the case for Goldfinger and so Cloudshelf proved to be a game-changer when they were able to extend their full range by displaying their digital kiosk at events and pop-up spaces where they offered visitors their full product range on screen whilst showcasing their stunning imagery and the ability to present products quickly on screen through super fast search and filtering features.

We are delighted to have partnered with a great lifestyle brand to introduce Endless Aisle to their store and redefine their product showcasing capabilities both in their showroom and at pop-ups and events. By extending their product ranges through beautiful interactive displays, Goldfinger has created immersive experiences that captivate and engage their customers. As they expand, we are excited to continue to support them in their digital in-store journey, revolutionising the way they present and promote their exceptional range of bespoke furniture and homeware.

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