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Powerful new filter and search

New cascading filtering and search features - Discover and learn how these can help create immersive experiences using our in-store E-commerce endless aisle solutions for your stores.
March 31, 2023
Sofia Rafiq
Powerful new filter and search

These three new features include:

Cascading filters

Our new filter makes even more sense of your existing data. At set up, we suggest a filter ordering that you can then re-arrange at will to best reflect the way your customers navigate their product choice. We will then use that order to suggest the next level of product selection. As with everything on Cloudshelf, we have worked hard to make it blazingly fast, making it a real pleasure to use. The "power" filter is always available in the new redesigned filter button in the top right so that you can narrow things down, in this shoe case for instance, to only show products in your customer's size.

Cloudshelf automatically suggests next level filtering to help drive shopper selection

New search button

Our new search home button is designed to make it easier and faster for shoppers to find their desired products. Located prominently on the screen, the search field is easily accessible to sales staff and shoppers who can search for products directly from the home screen. The results then use the new cascading filter feature to help shoppers narrow down their selection. This feature not only saves time but also helps customers discover products they may not have otherwise found.

Cloudshelf search directly from all attract screens

Working on screens from 7 to 70 inches

You will likely notice many other smaller tweaks that we needed to bring in to best accommodate the new filtering. As a result of this, we have taken the opportunity to completely overhaul the way the layout adapts to different screen size, resolution and shape. You can now select your screen size and preview it before pairing your devices in-store, ensuring the best layout and user experience for your customers. Our new responsive design adapts to screens from 7 to 70 inches, in both portrait and landscape, ensuring that your Interactive and Display experiences always look stunning.

By combining these three new features, Cloudshelf offers a seamless user experience in-store, and helps sales staff assist customers in finding what they're looking for more easily - resulting in more sales and happier shoppers!

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