New Feature

Product customisation

Promote products that need customisation without tying up your store staff or generating extra admin.
November 11, 2022
Sofia Rafiq
Product customisation

We have integrated with Shopify app Product Customiser to allow shoppers to customise their purchases directly in store.

Now there is no need to redirect shoppers to your website and risk losing them in the process. Indeed, getting the information for a child's name or a photo to be embedded on your product is a piece of cake, and shoppers can do it on their own before they leave, right in your store.

If your product requires, for instance, a name that will be embossed or engraved into one of your products, then the shopper can type it into the Cloudshelf display  before checking out. You will then get all the customisation information with the order.

And if it is a more complex customisation, say involving an image or a photo, that is now easier than ever. Your shopper simply scans the QR code that will open up a page on their phone inviting them to choose a photo from their album,. Select, Accept. And done. Once more, you will get the file along side other customisation information attached to the order.

Koko Art, the London-based specialist of customised trainers uses it the whole time to get beautiful images from in-store shoppers ready to be painted onto their beautiful hand decorated shoes.

Retailers increase sales and customers are happy - we believe that to be another win-win scenario!