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Product Tile Customiser

Enhance your digital displays in-store with our Cloudshelf Product Tile Customiser feature.
August 7, 2023
Sofia Rafiq
Product Tile Customiser

With our new Product Tile Customiser feature, we've made it even easier for retailers to take control of their product images that display on their Cloudshelves. By having the option to customise the size and anchor position of images, you can create a stunning visual experience that perfectly suits the types of products you sell.

For example, if you're a fashion retailer with images featuring models showcasing your clothing items, you can now change your tile design to 'Long', and you now have the flexibility to position the image within each product tile - be it in the centre, top, or bottom.

Or maybe you're a shoe brand, focusing on the centre of the photo (i.e., the shoe itself) which is crucial. In this case, our 'Square' tile option is likely the best fit for your product tile layout on your in-store kiosks.

Get customising your product tiles today!

It's simple! Just head to the app and select the Cloudshelf you'd like to edit, select 'theme,' and start customising your tile format.

Tile Options within the Cloudshelf app

For a quick guide on how to customise your product tiles click here.

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