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Product tile optimiser

Check out our new Product Tile Optimiser feature: supporting retailers to create stunning digital kiosks in-store
April 18, 2024
Sofia Rafiq
Product tile optimiser

With our Product Tile Optimiser feature, retailers have even more flexibility to present their product ranges in the best format depending on their product range. We've introduced four new settings which can be configured directly from within the Cloudshelf app, through the 'Theme' option:

  • Tall
  • Wide
  • Mixed
  • Hero
Product tile settings

The various formats allow for products to be displayed in the best layout. For instance, for a furniture retailer with large items, our wide tile setting could be the best option for your product images:

Furniture store with wide product tiles

Or for a food brand, selling chocolate products, the tall product tile could really help to showcase the products well:

Tall product tiles

For a shoe / fashion retailer, a combination of our hero and square tiles may be the better option:

Combination of hero and square product tiles

No matter what product type a retailer has, with our product tile optimiser they can configure the best layout to best present their products on screen - to create the perfect, engaging interactive display in-store.