New Feature

Sales attribution to staff

Cloudshelf sales can now be attributed back to the store member that assisted the shopper.
December 2, 2022
Sofia Rafiq
Sales attribution to staff

There are many reasons why store staff may not want to direct a shopper to your store's website. Maybe they fear that the customer will feel that they wasted time visiting the store; maybe they fear that the customer will not actually visit the website when they get home; maybe they fear that if the customer does visit it, they won't be there to help guide the customer's choice. But maybe what they also fear is that the sale won't be attributed back to them.

Cloudshelf already allocates any sale back to a given store (see here). We have now enhanced this so that sales assistants can get credit for the sales they supported.

Stores are now able to add as many staff members to each store they have Cloudshelves in and track sales back to the staff in-store. Staff simply carry out a 'secret gesture' on the screen which allows them to select themselves as the sales person carrying out the sale and this will then be tracked back to any transaction they complete with a customer.

Example of sales attribution feature
Sales staff select their name on the drop-down at any point during the sale to record their involvement

Store owners can ensure their staff are motivated and ready to upsell at any given opportunity - knowing that they will benefit from each individual sale. Our sales attribution feature is a great way to incentivise staff to use Cloudshelf as their daily sales tool to increase revenue in-store.

We understand how important it is to track every omni-channel sale back to the store when required so staff do not miss out. This way retailers can extend their range in-store without having to stock too much, and staff have the opportunity to go above and beyond with customers whilst benefitting the whole time.

To activate this feature that is part of the "Standard" plan, simply start adding your team's names to the new "staff" tab in your Cloudshelf manager in Shopify.