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Shopify Metafields in Cloudshelf

Shopify Metafields now in Cloudshelf giving stores more control over the product information they wish to display in-store on their Cloudshelf displays. Read more to learn about how Metafields can help you to create an even better experience for your shoppers.
March 10, 2023
Sofia Rafiq
Shopify Metafields in Cloudshelf

We're excited to share our latest new feature - Shopify  Metafields in Cloudshelf, providing retailers with even more flexibility to tailor their Cloudshelf displays in-store to their needs with just a few clicks on the Cloudshelf app.

As we now support Shopify Product Metafields, this means you can add more filters to your store for better search functionality, and more fields to your product display.

Do you want to showcase additional information about your products on your Cloudshelf, such as YouTube videos? We're happy to announce that our Product Details Panel now lets you do just that. You can even customise the order of elements to prioritise what's most important. Maybe it's super valuable for your customers to see a video before the product description on your Cloudshelf display? No problem, you can easily adjust the order of elements to meet your needs.

Image of product videos on a retailer's Cloudshelf

We've also added the option to remove unused elements or collapse content, making it easier to create a streamlined shopping experience for your customers.

We hope these new features help you create an even better in-store shopping experience for your shoppers. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch with us on

To get going with Metafields on your Cloudshelf click here to learn more.