Case Study

Supporting a leading Electrical manufacturer with digital kiosks

Discover how Coffman Media, Wallboard, and Cloudshelf's collaboration brings interactive kiosks to life.
December 11, 2023
Sofia Rafiq
Supporting a leading Electrical manufacturer with digital kiosks

A three-way collaboration between Coffman Media, Wallboard and Cloudshelf, allowed us to fulfil a client's use case to roll-out interactive self-serve kiosks at their Experience  Center locations in North America. 

The genesis for the kiosk came from the client wanting to have the ability to create a "checkout" experience of their custom Shopify store that patrons visiting the Experience Center could use and purchase the products they observed while doing their tour. Since this was a high-end experience center showcasing smart-home products they didn't just want a PC to facilitate this experience. 

So they reached out to the digital signage solution specialists at Coffman Media to create a kiosk solution that would allow clients to browse their catalog of products, enter into the Shopify experience via Cloudshelf and have attraction content "the home screen" all delivered through the power of Wallboard’s efficient CMS solution.

Using Samsung’s interactive kiosk, the team at Coffman Media were able to easily install Cloudshelf’s Endless Aisle solution which presented the client’s digital catalog on screen showcasing the Electrical product range that the client wanted to promote at their locations. This allowed visitors to easily browse and filter through products on the kiosk quickly, navigating to their desired products that they could then order to have delivered to their homes.

This All-In-One experience was completed with Wallboard’s CMS solution, which allowed the experience to run dynamic content seamlessly on the kiosk, creating the ultimate user experience. This also allowed the client to never have to worry about the kiosk ‘timing out’ or not automatically launching to the experience anytime the kiosk was turned off during after hours. In such business environments this can be a huge blocker in keeping screens on, so it was imperative that this was not an issue for the client. 

Quote from Coffman Media

The leading Electrical manufacturer expressed their utmost satisfaction with the kiosk experience at their initial location, noting a substantial increase in customer engagement and sales. This success has prompted their decision to extend digital kiosks to additional Experience  Centers. We are thrilled to continue supporting them in showcasing their digital catalog of smart-home products through captivating and immersive digital experiences.

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