Watch our webinar with Signagelive

Check out our insightful webinar with digital signage experts Signagelive on creating exceptional in-store experiences using Cloudshelf's Accessible in-store E-commerce solution and Signagelive's CMS platform.
April 5, 2023
Sofia Rafiq
Watch our webinar with Signagelive

We are delighted to share our recent webinar experience with our partners at Signagelive, where we discussed how retailers can enhance the in-store experience for shoppers using our Accessible in-store E-commerce solution, and Signagelive's digital signage CMS platform.

During the webinar, we showcased how we can help retailers to create endless aisle experiences to showcase their entire product ranges in their physical locations without the need for extra physical inventory or space. Our interactive and display experiences provide retailers with the flexibility to create engaging experiences on-the-fly, allowing them to drive sales and enhance their customers' shopping experiences.

It was also a great opportunity to touch on how retailers can easily create stunning digital experiences using Cloudshelf and Signagelive, without the need for technical skills or expensive equipment. The discussion also highlighted common pain points that retailers and brands face when it comes to displaying their entire product range in their physical locations.

Overall, the webinar was a great success, and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Signagelive to provide valuable insights to our listeners. If you missed the webinar, we encourage you to watch it here and discover how Cloudshelf and Signagelive's digital signage CMS platform can help you create stunning digital experiences in your retail stores - Cloudshelf webinar with Signagelive.

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