We're live on the Salesforce Appexchange

Boost your retail omnichannel strategy with Cloudshelf and Salesforce
February 29, 2024
Sofia Rafiq
We're live on the Salesforce Appexchange

We're thrilled to announce that Cloudshelf is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange, empowering B2C Commerce brands and retailers to seamlessly integrate our Cloudshelf Endless Aisle solution into their Salesforce Ecommerce platforms.

Partnering with global digital consultancy, Customer Times, we've developed a connector between our Cloudshelf platform and Salesforce's Commerce Cloud. This collaboration has enabled us to build the end cartridge, granting retailers and brands direct access to our solution via the Salesforce AppExchange. Link to Cloudshelf Salesforce app.

Joining Salesforce Commerce Cloud's ISV ecosystem marks an exciting milestone for us. We're committed to revolutionizing digital experiences for retail, and we're excited to support even more retailers as they dive further into their omnichannel journeys.

Watch this video to learn how to add Cloudshelf to your Salesforce Ecommerce website:‍

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