World's best omnichannel experience for your in-store shoppers

Cloudshelf helps secure sales by making it easy for sales assistants to promote and find the product your customers are looking for.

A large screen Display Mode Cloudshelf and a smaller Interactive Mode version

Who is Cloudshelf for?

Cloudshelf is built for any retailer or brand with stores, stands or pop ups and an Ecommerce site.  

An independent retailer standing by entrance to her store
Independent Retailers

You have 1-5 outlets and are looking to boost sales. You want to try new suppliers and ranges, and maybe even some new locations, but you need a cost efficient way of doing it that does not require you to be a tech genius.

A DTC brand owner standing at a pop-up event
DTC Brands & pop-ups

You have done well online, but customer acquisition costs are sky-rocketing. You need to build up your brand more cheaply through physical locations, but you can't afford to replicate all your stock in each new location.

Two shoppers looking at the store window of a scale-up retailer
Scale Up Retailers

You are growing rapidly, and want to take advantage of your stores to develop your online base and  omni-channel sales. You need a solution that can deliver this without requiring a massive Ecomm team.

Major Retailers

You have a well established network of brick-and-mortar stores, not all of which stock the exact same range. You need a cost-efficient means to replicate product across all locations to avoid missing sales.

Not using Shopify or Salesforce?

Cloudshelf is built with an 'API-first' approach, meaning that every feature is available to connect with third party Ecommerce CMS and ERPs.

Whatever your existing infrastructure, we can likely help you deliver the same outstanding in-store experience.

Either reach out to us, or check the API directly here:

Cloudshelf partners with industry leaders

Brand & Retailers just like you already trust us

Having Cloudshelf in-store is helpful as our physical store is small and it means we can share a larger range of our shoes to in-store customers.


Founder of Made-the-Edit

Cloudshelf has allowed us to sell our entire range of slippers into stores without them needing to stock everything.


Founder at Supasnug

Cloudshelf has enabled us to bring our entire range of products virtually in-store. This means customers can explore many more products than we’re able to show physically.


Area Manager of Billboard furniture

With Cloudshelf we've been able to start selling ranges we didn't have room to stock and display.


Founder at In-Residence

Cloudshelf puts your Ecommerce content to work in your store

Our platform does all the heavy lifting to help retailers sell more by providing their shoppers optimised in-store digital interactive and display experiences

Interactive Mode

Cloudshelf for kiosks to help customers find, choose and buy the product they want, leaving your store satisfied. Created automatically.

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Two shoppers using Cloudshelf to select a pair of denim trousers

Display Mode

Cloudshelf  for big screens to  attract shoppers to your store or to enhance your in-store visual merchandising. Created automatically.

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Close-up of a high resolution window display with Cloudshelf Display Mode highlighting a product with a direct linking QR code

Simple steps to set up your first Cloudshelf

Cloudshelf is a powerful API and an app on Shopify (and soon Salesforce) that can be set up in under 10 minutes to bring exceptional digital experiences into your store.

First, add Cloudshelf app to your Shopify.

Screenshot of Cloudshelf installation screen

Then create your first Cloudshelf in 3 minutes.

Screenshot of Cloudshelf set up screen

Finally, pair any screen.

Screenshot of device pairing screen

All done, ready to sell more.

Hero image of a shopper and store owner using Cloudshelf to complete a sale